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Here are some books about viral marketing:

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Contagious: Why Things Catch On
By Jonah Berger

Berger Jonah
Released: 2016-05-03
Paperback (256 pages)

Contagious: Why Things Catch On
List Price: $17.00*
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  • Contagious Why Things Catch on
Product Description:
The New York Times bestseller that explains why certain products and ideas become popular. “Jonah Berger knows more about what makes information ‘go viral’ than anyone in the world” (Daniel Gilbert, author of the bestseller Stumbling on Happiness).

What makes things popular? If you said advertising, think again. People don’t listen to advertisements, they listen to their peers. But why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral?

Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger has spent the last decade answering these questions. He’s studied why New York Times articles make the paper’s own Most E-mailed list, why products get word of mouth, and how social influence shapes everything from the cars we buy to the clothes we wear to the names we give our children.

In Contagious, Berger reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos. Learn how a luxury steakhouse found popularity through the lowly cheesesteak, why anti-drug commercials might have actually increased drug use, and why more than 200 million consumers shared a video about one of the most seemingly boring products there is: a blender.

Contagious provides a set of specific, actionable techniques for helping information spread—for designing messages, advertisements, and content that people will share. Whether you’re a manager at a big company, a small business owner trying to boost awareness, a politician running for office, or a health official trying to get the word out, Contagious will show you how to make your product or idea catch on.
Going Viral: The 9 secrets of irresistible marketing
By Brent Coker

Paperback (160 pages)

Going Viral: The 9 secrets of irresistible marketing
List Price: $27.99*
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  • Pearson Education - Business
Product Description:

The Holy Grail for marketers is figuring out how to make something go viral, and for those brands who have figured it out, the recipe remains a closely guarded secret.

But Dr Brent Coker has been researching the techniques and science behind the world’s most viral ideas for over a decade, and for the first time ever discloses the secrets. Packed full of practical techniques, expert research and real-life examples, in this book you’ll learn the science behind why things go viral, the psychology of frenzied word of mouth, and how to create messages that people can’t resist sharing.


“Finally, here's a book that reveals the secrets about how to make the myth a reality. I can't wait to put these ideas into action."

Steve Farber. Author, The Radical Leap


“A fascinating deep dive into what drives us to share”

Pamela Meyer, CEO Calibrate, and Top 20 TED speaker


“Brent's work will help you improve your odds substantially”

“The ad man” Rory H Sutherland. Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather


“A must read for any business hoping go viral … for the right reasons.

Brent Coker is a master at unravelling the “mystery” of how to use social media to spread your message.”

Emily Rice, Senior Reporter, Nine News


“One does not go viral, one has to read Brent’s book first to understand the dynamics of becoming worthy of sharing.”

Brian Solis, author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing
By Karen Nelson-Field

Oxford University Press USA
Paperback (128 pages)

Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing
List Price: $26.95*
Lowest New Price: $22.41*
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  • Oxford University Press USA
Product Description:
This is not your typical "how to get shared" book.

It would be nice to believe that viral success is as easy as being sneezed on. Those who spend a marketing dollar relish the possibility that the brave new world has brought brave new rules and the tantalising potential for a free ride. After applying scientific method and rigorous research to the topic, Nelson-Field says, "Wake up and smell the well-branded coffee."

Using original research from more than 2 years of work, 5 different data sets, around 1000 videos, 9 individual studies and a large team of researchers from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Viral Marketing offers solid advice on the nebulous business of video sharing. Dr Nelson-Field reports new knowledge on sharing, memory and the influence of creative devices.

Viral Marketing suggests that contrary to current trends, the old scientific laws of buyer behaviour and advertising still apply to social media. Marketers who have read How Brands Grow (Sharp, 2010) will find the key research that underpins this new work familiar. Nelson-Field's research builds on the science behind brands and buying.

This is a must read book for anyone working in the social media space. Read it before you strap those roller skates onto a kitten, it might just save you some time, money and credibility.
The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, Newsjacking, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly
By David Meerman Scott

Paperback (448 pages)

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, Newsjacking, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly
List Price: $24.00*
Lowest New Price: $12.32*
Lowest Used Price: $10.40*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
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Product Description:
The international bestseller—now in a new edition

When it comes to marketing, anything goes in the Digital Age, right? Well, not quite. While marketing and public relations tactics do seem to change overnight, every smart businessperson knows that it takes a lot more than the 'next big thing.'

The New Rules of Marketing & PR is an international bestseller with more than 375,000 copies sold in twenty-nine languages. In the latest edition of this pioneering guide to the future of marketing, you'll get a step-by-step action plan for leveraging the power of the latest approaches to generating attention for your idea or your business. You'll learn how get the right information to the right people at the right time—at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

The Internet continues to change the way people communicate and interact with each other, and if you're struggling to keep up with what's trending in social media, online videos, apps, blogs, or more, your product or service is bound to get lost in the ether. In The New Rules of Marketing & PR, you'll get access to the tried-and-true rules that will keep you ahead of the curve when using the latest and greatest digital spaces to their fullest PR, marketing, and customer-communications potential. Keeping in mind that your audience is savvy and crunched for time, this essential guide shows you how to cut through the online clutter to ensure that your message gets seen and heard.

  • Serves as the ideal resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, PR professionals, and non-profit managers
  • Offers a wealth of compelling case studies and real-world examples
  • Includes information on new platforms including Facebook Live and Snapchat
  • Shows both small and large organizations how to best use Web-based communication

Finally, everything you need to speak directly to your audience and establish a personal link with those who make your business work is in one place.

Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction
By Derek Thompson

Penguin Books
Released: 2017-02-07
Kindle Edition (348 pages)

Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction
Product Description:

A Book of the Year Selection for Inc. and Library Journal

“This book picks up where The Tipping Point left off
." -- Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE

Nothing “goes viral.” If you think a popular movie, song, or app came out of nowhere to become a word-of-mouth success in today’s crowded media environment, you’re missing the real story. Each blockbuster has a secret history—of power, influence, dark broadcasters, and passionate cults that turn some new products into cultural phenomena. Even the most brilliant ideas wither in obscurity if they fail to connect with the right network, and the consumers that matter most aren't the early adopters, but rather their friends, followers, and imitators -- the audience of your audience.

In his groundbreaking investigation, Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson uncovers the hidden psychology of why we like what we like and reveals the economics of cultural markets that invisibly shape our lives. Shattering the sentimental myths of hit-making that dominate pop culture and business, Thompson shows quality is insufficient for success, nobody has "good taste," and some of the most popular products in history were one bad break away from utter failure. It may be a new world, but there are some enduring truths to what audiences and consumers want. People love a familiar surprise: a product that is bold, yet sneakily recognizable.

Every business, every artist, every person looking to promote themselves and their work wants to know what makes some works so successful while others disappear. Hit Makers is a magical mystery tour through the last century of pop culture blockbusters and the most valuable currency of the twenty-first century—people’s attention.

From the dawn of impressionist art to the future of Facebook, from small Etsy designers to the origin of Star Wars, Derek Thompson leaves no pet rock unturned to tell the fascinating story of how culture happens and why things become popular.
In Hit Makers, Derek Thompson investigates:
·       The secret link between ESPN's sticky programming and the The Weeknd's catchy choruses
·       Why Facebook is today’s most important newspaper
·       How advertising critics predicted Donald Trump
·       The 5th grader who accidentally launched "Rock Around the Clock," the biggest hit in rock and roll history
·       How Barack Obama and his speechwriters think of themselves as songwriters
·       How Disney conquered the world—but the future of hits belongs to savvy amateurs and individuals
·       The French collector who accidentally created the Impressionist canon
·       Quantitative evidence that the biggest music hits aren’t always the best
·       Why almost all Hollywood blockbusters are sequels, reboots, and adaptations
·       Why one year--1991--is responsible for the way pop music sounds today
·       Why another year --1932--created the business model of film
·       How data scientists proved that “going viral” is a myth
·       How 19th century immigration patterns explain the most heard song in the Western Hemisphere
The Art of Going Viral: 17 Studies to Reach Millions, Gain Influence, & Get Internet Famous
By A.C. Clint

Independently published
Paperback (130 pages)

The Art of Going Viral: 17 Studies to Reach Millions, Gain Influence, & Get Internet Famous
List Price: $9.97*
Lowest New Price: $9.97*
Lowest Used Price: $6.89*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 20:28 Pacific 18 Mar 2019 More Info)

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Product Description:

Why is it that some things EXPLODE online, while others linger in anonymity for years? Why do some things hook our attention, while others flop? Is there a pattern behind how social media captivates us?

Viral fame is not just a coincidence. There is an easy-to-learn strategy behind it.

Whether your dream is YouTube stardom, or just creating opportunity with a personal brand, Going Viral is your blueprint for digital success.

Stand out, get noticed, and captivate online.

Going Viral pairs raw human behavioral data with the emotional intelligence of A.C. Clint, a sought-after digital media coach who has worked with Fortune 500 clients from Disney to Nike. Clint has distilled years of research and practical experience to write this manual for content people are wired to share.

Find your die-hard fanbase of thousands (or millions).

This Internet psychology guide teaches:

• A centuries-old secret to create connection used by Italian Courtiers & cereal boxes
3 viral emotions that get shared the most
• Step-by-step processes to create content audiences can’t get enough of, and prime it to spread as quickly as possible
Building a following from zero to thousands
• How to leverage top influencers to do word-of-mouth power-lifting for you
• Techniques that work across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even in-person

Are you ready to grow your idea? Triple your profits? More SUCCESS and less work?

As an entrepreneur, artist, or creative thinker, you know social media can empower you to reach a potential audience of billions, with tools that are essentially free. But who has that kind of time? And where do you even begin?

Or worse: have you set up your business, pushed it into the world, but instead of a flood of interest, you are getting...crickets?

Learn secret formulas to build connections, and open doors you never thought possible...

Including how to:
+ Make a powerful first impression
+ Connect effortlessly with followers
+ Increase exposure, shares, engagement, interest, and traffic for your website

Understand what makes people click (even if they don’t).

Is this book for you? If you have ever posted online then the answer is YES!

Whether you write your own blog, or have a basic Facebook profile…whether you like it or not, you have a digital brand. Are you ready to use it?

You have something to say. Isn’t it about time for people to hear it? DON’T miss your chance at success because of a lackluster Internet presence.

Share your vision with the world and finally be heard.

If you want to become an overnight success story, there IS a secret to it. All you need is a little inspiration, an internet connection, and the right formula, which this book will teach you.

This guide is especially for:

• Visionaries ready to reach the masses with their message
• Professionals wanting to make a name & propel their career to the next level
• Companies seeking to increase profit & customer engagement
Anyone who ever built a website with zero traffic and thought ‘what next?’

Whether you are a computer novice or a practiced PR pro, there is something in this book for you.

Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.

Viral Personal Branding: Marketing a personal brand, building buzz and getting your dream clients
By Mike Allebach

Released: 2019-01-24
Kindle Edition (88 pages)

Viral Personal Branding: Marketing a personal brand, building buzz and getting your dream clients
Product Description:

Warning: This book could change your life and set you on a new path with your business.

If you want to know how to spread an idea—and you are the idea—read this book. Every author, creative, and major marketing brand needs to make this their strategic branding playbook.”
— Jeff Goins, bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve

Unlock the secrets of getting press and discovering your dream clients!
It's been said that advertising is the tax you pay for no press. Learn the simple step-by-step plan for free and low cost branding and marketing strategies . Learn how the author created a video for a local business that got 11 million views. See the exact press released used to get into Cosmopolitan Magazine. Read the exact article that was shared 37,000 times and built a wedding photography business. See a Twitter pitch that had a client on national news the same night. Read the two line email that resulted in a international article.
Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, Viral Personal Branding is your guide to creating a personal brand plan that will rock your business taking it to the next level.
In this ground breaking book you'll learn how to:

  • Develop your personal brand to stand out
  • To get more engagement on your Facebook Page than Apple or Toyota
  • Use Facebook Groups to build your business faster than ever
  • Create engaging posts on social media that get shared
  • What viral videos and content are and how to create them
  • Research and gather deep insights about your clients so you can read their minds
  • Write viral articles
  • Get local, national and international press
  • Create a net to catch dream clients
  • Use never before shared secrets from the press relations world

Intrigued yet?

Then scroll to the top and click or tap "Buy Now".

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
By Seth Godin

Released: 2008-10-16
Kindle Edition (172 pages)

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Product Description:

The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller that redefined what it means to be a leader.
Since it was first published almost a decade ago, Seth Godin's visionary book has helped tens of thousands of leaders turn a scattering of followers into a loyal tribe. If you need to rally fellow employees, customers, investors, believers, hobbyists, or readers around an idea, this book will demystify the process.
It's human nature to seek out tribes, be they religious, ethnic, economic, political, or even musical (think of the Deadheads).  Now the Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost, and time. Social media gives anyone who wants to make a difference the tools to do so.
With his signature wit and storytelling flair, Godin presents the three steps to building a tribe: the desire to change things, the ability to connect a tribe, and the willingness to lead.
If you think leadership is for other people, think again—leaders come in surprising packages. Consider Joel Spolsky and his international tribe of scary-smart software engineers. Or Gary Vaynerhuck, a wine expert with a devoted following of enthusiasts. Chris Sharma led a tribe of rock climbers up impossible cliff faces, while Mich Mathews, a VP at Microsoft, ran her internal tribe of marketers from her cube in Seattle.
Tribes will make you think—really think—about the opportunities to mobilize an audience that are already at your fingertips. It's not easy, but it's easier than you think.


Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising
By Ryan Holiday

Released: 2014-09-30
Kindle Edition (169 pages)

Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising
Product Description:
A primer on the future of PR, marketing and advertising — now revised and updated with new case studies

"Forget everything you thought you knew about marketing and read this book. And then make everyone you work with read it, too." —Jason Harris, CEO of Mekanism

Megabrands like Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat, and Airbnb were barely a blip on the radar years ago, but now they're worth billions—with hardly a dime spent on traditional marketing. No press releases, no TV commercials, no billboards. Instead, they relied on growth hacking to reach users and build their businesses.

Growth hackers have thrown out the old playbook and replaced it with tools that are testable, trackable, and scalable. They believe that products and businesses should be modified repeatedly until they’re primed to generate explosive reactions.

Bestselling author Ryan Holiday, the acclaimed marketing guru for many successful brands, authors, and musicians, explains the new rules in a book that has become a marketing classic in Silicon Valley and around the world. This new edition is updated with cutting-edge case studies of startups, brands, and small businesses. 

Growth Hacker Marketing is the go-to playbook for any company or entrepreneur looking to build and grow.
MARKETING VIRAL: 10 Estrategias Para Promocionar Tu Marca Exprimiendo Las Redes Sociales (Spanish Edition)
By César Miró & Los Genios De Internet

Released: 2017-02-22
Kindle Edition (60 pages)

MARKETING VIRAL: 10 Estrategias Para Promocionar Tu Marca Exprimiendo Las Redes Sociales (Spanish Edition)
Product Description:

¿Todavía formas parte de las muchas personas que piensan que el marketing en las redes sociales es estar presente en Facebook y Twitter y ya?

¿Sabías que existen redes sociales que te pueden generar mejores resultados en función de tus necesidades?

¿Aún no eres consciente del enorme poder viral que pueden tener para tu negocio otras redes sociales como Instagram, Pinterest o LinkedIn entre otras?

Pues enhorabuena, porque has llegado al lugar exacto para descubrir cómo, cuándo y por qué debes usar cada red social para lograr que tus estrategias de marketing en redes sociales lo vuelvan un auténtico marketing viral que haga subir tu negocio como la espuma.

Ese es el objetivo que nos hemos marcado a la hora de escribir este libro, que sepas qué red social te conviene utilizar en cada momento y lo que es más importante, cómo utilizarla.

Te hemos preparado una serie de estrategias de marketing con redes sociales que te van a abrir la mente de una manera que nunca has soñado, y lo que es mejor, vas a conocer usos y características de estas redes sociales que muy pocos saben y muchos menos llevan a cabo, con lo cual, vas a adelantar a tu competencia de manera fulgurante.

Esta es una pequeña muestra de lo que tenemos preparado para ti:

  • Saber cómo y dónde hacer promociones relámpago que hagan que tu negocio esté en boca de todos.
  • Conocer la red social que te permite dar un servicio de atención al cliente exquisito y además mostrar a tus clientes ofertas que se ajustan perfectamente a sus necesidades.
  • Conectar unas redes sociales con otras para ir llevando a tus seguidores hacia tus ofertas y convertirlos en clientes una y otra vez.
  • Y mucho, mucho más...

Como ves, nuestro mayor empeño es que acortes tu curva de aprendizaje y empieces a generar resultados desde ya.

Así que, tú veras...

Nosotros ya hemos cumplido nuestra parte del trato, ahora te toca a ti decidir si quieres avanzar o prefieres quedarte como hasta ahora.

Anda, no pierdas más tiempo, tu competencia puede estar leyendo esto y adelantarse a tus pasos.

Te esperamos dentro...


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